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heat transfer vinyl, HTV -

Can I layer the HEXIS HTV and which ones are compatible."  " we did the testing for you. For testing, we used a 100% cotton shirt. We used metallic's, Flock, FLEX100, and  PRINTFLEX (printable HTV) all in different formations. "

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"HEXIS Suptac vinyl has a durability rating of up to ten (10) years, depending on the color and application."

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"HEXIS cut and plotter vinyl is great and using it for your crafts, signs and small projects would be beneficial to you. The high performance vinyl out performs any in its class that we have had the pleasure to use. You will be able to use our craft vinyl outdoor, indoors, on slight curves, and have it weed in a snap. Our colors last up to 10 years depending on color and application."

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