3D Puff HTV Vinyl

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3D Puff Vinyl is a great way to add some dimension to your project. It is thin while cutting and then it Puffs upon using your heat press.

Please note that the Black turns to a gray when it puffs.

Also note that ALL heat presses will react differently with this product. Please choose to do a test the first time using it so that you can achieve the desired effect. 


130 Micron (before), 500 Micron (after)
320°F~329°F (160°C~165°C)
Please make sure to test the temperature first due to
the heat sensitivity of material.

8~10 Seconds
Cutting Setting 45 degree cut
Apply to Cotton, Uncoated Polyester, Cotton-Polyester Blends excluding Nylon


- Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl: Cuttable vinyl with protective carrier and hot melt backing
- Soft and Fluffy Puff effect is activated upon heat press and removal or protective film
- Available in 20" width roll with what and black color options

- Be aware of the result that 2mm or smaller space will disappear when puff is activated.


- Plotter cut the wanted design on hot melt layer
- Weed the unwanted material
- Place it on the fabric
- Press at medium pressure
- Remove the protective carrier at Hot Peel

Our information is intended for general guidance and we recommend actual tests be done before main jobs to find suitable setting for you.