3D Metallic Puff HTV Vinyl

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3D Puff Vinyl is a great way to add some dimension to your project. It is thin while cutting and then it Puffs upon using your heat press.

Also note that ALL heat presses will react differently with this product. Please choose to do a test the first time using it so that you can achieve the desired effect. 

Try our Puff Metal Heat Transfer Vinyl for 3D soft puff look! Currently offering Matte Gold and Silver this vinyl puffs up after heat press on your garment.

Be as creative as you can be with this fun, innovative vinyl! The puff vinyl will have your finished product with the "puffed up" appearance. It will produce a three-dimensional feel and touch to the print.

When heat is applied, 3D puffs up to create a unique texture to letters and shapes. It can create an authentic look without using embroidery for the popular retro vintage look. It can be used for numbering uniforms such as baseball, soccer, or basketball or for a wide range of novelty or fashion shirts. Imagine creating special effects for a design with a snowman, clouds, or letters.

*If the vinyl doesn't press smoothly down onto the flat surface it may result in some strange wrinkles and indentations. We recommend to test-press before starting your project.


1) Matte Metal
145~155 Micron (before)
450~500 Micron (after)

2) Foil Metal
Thickness w/o PET Film 140 Micron
After first press: 300~350 Micron
After second press: 500 Micron (Press 3 seconds additionally after removing PET film)

275°F~300°F (135°C~149°C) 
Please make sure to test the temperature first due to the heat sensitivity of material.
8~10 Seconds
Cutting Setting 45 degree cut
Apply to Cotton, Uncoated Polyester, Cotton-Polyester Blends excluding Nylon

- Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl: Cuttable vinyl with protective carrier and hot melt backing
- Soft and Fluffy Puff effect is activated upon heat press and removal or protective film

***Important Application Notes for Foil Puff:
• To get the best result of the puffiness, please make sure to press the PUFF FOIL METAL twice with the same settings. After the second press, you will notice the vinyl puffing up drastically more than the first press. 

Be aware of the result that 2mm or smaller space will disappear
when puff is activated.
- Plotter cut the wanted design on hot melt layer
- Weed the unwanted material
- Place it on the fabric
- Press at medium pressure
- Remove the protective carrier at Hot Peel
Our information is intended for general guidance and we recommend actual tests be done before main jobs to find suitable setting for you.