WH Black GLOSS (KG8890B)

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HEXIS brand vinyl can be used for:
  • decals
  • long lasting
  • signs
  • walls
  • cars
  • stickers
  • can be layered
  • banners

Compare  to Oracal 951

HEXIS SMARTAC KG8000 is a cast film offering excellent conformability on complex surfaces such as deformations on vans or rivets. It also enables the production of decorative bands on vehicles. Cutting the product is easy and it is easy to apply thanks to its good dimensional stability.

It will work in popular home craft machines like the Cricut, Brother, Silhouette and more. It is great for commercial, home, or other applications. The Suptac series can be used for crafts, decals, signs, yard signs, decorations, automobile markings, decals and more. The vinyl can be layered in order to obtain multi colored designs. This film is thinner than most craft vinyls allowing it to conform to the surface easier. Please use transfer tape to ensure ease of application

Sheets and rolls will be combined together for shipping and may not contain a core.

Measurements may not be exact please allow for +/- .5 inch.