StarCraft Sublimation Ink - CMYK 4 Pack

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4 Pack of StarCraft Sublimation Ink - 

StarCraft Sublimation ink produces bright vivid colors, and sharper details than you have ever seen from your sub ink before.

  • Exceptional transfer performance
  • Formulated for best printed results
  • Extremely vibrant colors

Delivering richer, more vibrant color on both hard and soft substrates, including heat-transfer vinyl.  Changes to the capacity of the standard capacity set have yielded a savings of about 6% over other inks. StarCraft Sublimation inks deliver superior reliability and performance in sublimation printers, providing you with maximum value and the best possible image quality.



  • StarCraft dye-sublimation ink for sublimation printers
  • This pack includes 4 sublimation ink bottles
  • 1 - C / Cyan bottle (70mL)
  • 1 - M / Magenta bottle (70mL)
  • 1 - Y / Yellow bottle (70mL)
  • 1 - K / Black bottle (127mL)