Lint free 5" Foam Swabs

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Cleaning stick for head surround, 50 sticks (For scheduled head maintenance) 5" color may vary. can be used in place of Mimaki Part SPC-0527

  • FOAM SWABS MEASUREMENTS - Total swab length: 5.1" (130mm), Head length: 0.9" (24mm), Head width: 0.5" (12.7mm), Head thickness: 0.34" (8.8mm), Handle length: 4.1" (104mm),
  • HIGH QUALITY FOAM CLEANING SWABS - These foam swabs are constructed from compressed foam, they are FREE FROM ORGANIC CONTAMINANTS. The absorbent anti-static head is lint-free for delicate cleaning, won't leave small fibers, and with strong solvent holding capacity, enables the swabs to resist from corrosion during cleaning and make fast absorption of contaminants onto the swab head. Long and sturdy handle provides good control of balance and excellent flexibility, not easy to break. 
  • FOAM TIP CLEANING SWABS - Great for cleaning and maintenance of inkjet printer nozzle, photo machine nozzle, inkjet printer grating, microscopes, photo machine grating, camera, optical sensors. No static electricity, low volatility, no damage to the nozzle and grating.
  • EXCELLENT MULTI PURPOSE LINT FREE FOAM SWABS- More widely use for cleaning printers, electronics, keyboards, clean guns, cameras , PCBscar like vents, cleaning tape heads, auto and aviation applications, banking machines, gaming machines, A/C vents and vents around your kitchen range cleaning out any crevice Can also be used in paints and solvents, home coating projects, crafts, etc.
  • FOAM CLEANING SWABS--It has excellent compatibility with most solvents including acetone as well as excellent absorbency and solvent-holding capacity that enables the swabs to resist corrosion during the cleaning, Enabling fast absorption of contaminants onto the swab head.