Inkjet Adhesive Vinyl and Laminate 8.5 x 14

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NEW Size 8.5" x 14" Legal sized sheet to accommodate Cricuts new extended print and cut size.

Our Inkjet printable vinyl and laminates are a must have for your vinyl projects needing that extra personalization 

This inkjet printable matte finish permanent adhesive vinyl is  6Mil in thickness and works great in most consumer grade inkjet printers, we have also just discovered that it works fantastic in our laser printer. ( we will update packaging soon to reflect this change) It can be used for the print and cut functions with most any craft die-cutting machine. (Cricut, Graphtec, Silhouette, etc.) 

Print your images or pattern using a standard inkjet printer and use print and cut technology with a die-cutting craft machine to cut around your image. The other option is to print your own patterns and cut them out like you would any color of sticker vinyl.


  • The Adhesive is permanent and waterproof. 
  • Instant Dry Coating
  • Accepts heavy Ink Loads


  • Print and cut projects
  • accepts curves
  • decals
  • boards
  • glass
  • smooth plastic
  • smooth metal surfaces

Apply to a smooth, clean, dry surface.  Life expectancy is up to 3 years when UV laminate is used.  Severe conditions, chemicals, and other environmental factors may affect life of product.


Single numbers are in reference to type of film only example: print, or laminate


Printing and Application Instructions

  1. Print image right-facing (do not mirror) using print-and-cut with your die-cutting machine software. Print on the Bright White Side ( matte finish).
  2. Apply HEXIS UV protecting Laminate ( Matte or Gloss)- must be firmly applied with a squeegee when ink is completely dry.
  3. Use your print and cut software and machine to cut around image. ( you can also use scissors or craft knife if you do not have a machine and it is a simple design.
  4. Weed Design if needed
  5. Peel and stick your design to surface. For best results surface should be non porous, clean (Isopropyl alcohol is recommended), and dry. Do not use window cleaner or other products using ammonia.
  6. Transfer tape can be used on images that have been laminated. ( test compatibility with any new tape type. High tac may be needed in some cases) Transfer tape on non- laminated surfaces may damage the print. The transfer tapes here and here have been tested and work with this product. 

Care Instructions

  1. Do not use in dishwasher or microwave. As it will significantly impact the life of the film.
  2. Vinyl printed on Inkjet printers is more prone to damage and wear than professionally printed vinyls, or solid color vinyls. Please take care when cutting and over all care of the end product. For BEST results please utilize the HEXIS UV protective laminate that comes in gloss or matte finish. ( apply the laminate BEFORE you cut your design)
  3. We have printed up to 10 sheets in a row with no issues through our automatic feeding tray, but if in doubt please feed one sheet at a time through your printers manual feeder.