19" x 11.8" Clear Cast Acrylic

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You will find 1/8" (3MM) Cast grade clear blank sheets here. Please use the pull down to  choose your preference.

19" x11.8" Baltic Birch works great with Glowforge,  and other laser and routing systems

Quantity per box varies

Sheets are cut 19" by 11.8" by hand. While we do our best to make all measurements exact, you may find slight variations we ask for +/- .1875 of an inch for these variations.

These sheets fit perfectly within a Glowforge and cut, score, and engrave beautifully.


1/8" (.12") cast acrylic settings

CUT Settings
Speed: 160
Power: FULL
Pass: 1
Focus Height: 0.12 in

ENGRAVE Settings
Speed: 250
Power: 1
Lines Per Inch: 225
Number of Passes: 1
Focus Height: Auto

Material: All 1/4" (0.230") Thick Acrylic

CUT  Settings
Speed: 110
Power: FULL
Pass: 1
Focus Height: 0.255 in

ENGRAVE Settings
Speed: 1000
Power: FULL
Lines: 270
Pass: 1
Focus Height: Auto

NOTE: These settings are a good starting point for your Glowforge machine. We have found that from machine to machine these can vary and need to be adjusted to your specific machine/conditions. Please run a test on any new material you get to ensure a perfect cut on your projects.

We have been using this acrylic for our acrylic projects and have been very satisfied with the results.

This acrylic can be used for many different projects including but not limited to:

Hobby laser
CNC machine
Sign Making

If placed with a vinyl order your acrylic may ship separately.