SISER Color Guide

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New 2021 version!  The SISER Color Guide is a quad-fold color chart which displays actual product samples and colors.  The SISER color guide is great for showing color choices to potential customers or for personal reference.

The following Siser products are represented in the guide:

  • Siser EasyWeed
  • Siser EasyWeed Stretch
  • Siser Twinkle
  • Siser Metal
  • Siser EasyPatterns (actual product not shown)
  • Siser Glitter
  • Siser EasyWeed Electric
  • Siser StripFlock Pro
  • Siser BlackBoard
  • Siser EasyReflective
  • Siser Holographic 
  • SISER Sparkle
  • Siser Brick (actual product not shown)
  • Siser EasyPSV
  • Siser EasyPSV Glitter

Note:  The color chart does not include CadFlex, Sub Block, EasySubli or any ColorPrint products.