Promotional Permanent Vinyl

Limited quantity. ONLY 150 yards of each color and 75 Bundles at this price.

The HEXIS  MICROTAC line is a great vinyl to make decals, mugs, cups, ornaments, signs, interior design items, and much much more.

Being introduced for a limited time.  A decal vinyl that won't break the bank.  Available in  27 Colors and with a bundle that includes them all!

Here is the technical info:

Thickness: 3 mil ( slightly thicker than Oracal 651 or HEXIS Suptac)

Adhesive type: Permanent solvent based acrylic ( yes that is good)

Durability: Up to 5 years. ( depends on color and if in direct sun all day)

Liner: Silicone coated Kraft Liner ( we recommend using a light grip cutting mat)

All colors are 12" x 3 feet. +/- .25" allowance for cutting

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