Heat/Sun Activated HTV


Have we got a fun HTV for you!

This HTV is activated by temperature. So yes, body heat, or the sun.

It starts out dark with a hint of the color or image that will be revealed then as it gets hot the color or pattern is revealed.

We sell these in 12" x 19" patterns the actual sheet size is 12" x 20" the printer does not print to the edge so there is roughly 1 inch not printed on.

We sell this material already printed so you can choose your favorite combination and get on with your project. 

This material does require a transfer tape- we recommend the light tack heat transfer mask. You can find that HERE

Should you want to purchase the material not printed it does require an eco-solvent printer. reach out to us for roll costs. 

Material Thickness About 110 Micron
 Press setting 9-10 seconds medium pressure at 165 degree Celsius
Cutting setting 45 degree cut
Apply to Cotton, Uncoated Polyester, Cotton-Polyester blends excluding Nylon
- Plotter cut the wanted design on hot melt layer side
- Weed the unwanted material
- Place the wanted design onto the fabric of choice
- Cover the design with a Teflon sheet prior to heat press
- Press at medium pressure
- Remove the protective carrier at Hot Peel
- Wash warm water
- Inside out wash
- Tumble dry normal
Our information is intended for general guidance and we recommend actual tests be done before main jobs to find suitable setting for you.

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