Sparkle Laminate

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High performance  Cast sparkle laminate is a tool that can be used to make your permanent  vinyl Sparkle! It also has a use protectant that will help the suns UV rays from damaging what it is applied to.  

Jazz up your next project by applying to your favorite ( or least favorite) decal vinyl. It will give it that little  bit of pizzazz you might be looking  for. 

This can also be applied to inkjet vinyl for sparkly stickers. 

Basic application:

  • Cut what you need from your sheet or roll.
  • Peel laminate from the backing paper
  • Place on vinyl you are wanting  to laminate
  • Squeegee out air bubbles and adhere laminate  to vinyl.
  • Cut and apply your project.  When cutting  use increased pressure  to get through the additional  layer.