Silicone Coated Parchment Paper 16" x 24"

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Our  highly heat resistant parchment sheets are a perfect addition for your HTV, Sublimation, or other Heat press projects:

These sheets should be used as a barrier between your press and the vinyl, rhinestones, or image transfers you use with your heat press. They are a great tool for decreasing any transfer to to press platen that will be difficult to remove once there. 

You are able to use these sheets to help minimize transfer marks on clothing or other textiles. 

They can be used in a second press scenario with HTV where you have removed the liner but would like to do a post press. 

  • These sheets can also be utilized for transfers with Irons or Easy Presses 
  • Please check the manufacturers instructions on any temperature adjustments needed when using this sheet. 
  • You will receive 100 sheets at  16" x 24"
  • Featuring a silicone coating, this pan liner creates a stick-resistant surface
  • 24# paper The liner is extremely durable and can handle up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit

Due to it's size. If shipping this item will be folded in half.