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Santa Sacks!

Durable, Great quality, Cotton Canvas material. Can be used year after year. 

These are fantastic for personalizing. You can use HTV, Markers, or Embroidery, the possibilities are limitless. 

One side is predesigned just begging for you to personalize with a name. The other side is blank and you can leave it that way or add some special touches. 

For personalization with Heat transfer vinyl you will need:

  • HTV
  • Pressing Pillow
  • Cover Sheet
  • Heat press/ Iron/ Easy Press

Please see your individual HTV brand for recommended settings. For using SISER EasyWeed on Santa Sack please use the following:

  • Pressure: Medium
  • Temperature: 305 degrees F
  • Time: 10-15 seconds
  • Peel: Hot or Cold

Estimated size is 27" x 19" when laying flat. Drawstring closure.