PURPLE UV Color Change HTV

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Now introducing UV changing HTV 

HTV Sun Active

When in sunlight, this vinyl changes from white to your chosen color. Try our new solar active color changing vinyl. Offering 4 different color options, this vinyl reacts to the sun and instantly turns into Yellow, Pink, Light Blue, or Violet. This new vinyl will open up a whole new creation for your next vinyl project. Create your own design that will burst to life with magical surprise colors in the sun!


320°F (160°C)
9 - 10 Seconds
Apply to Cotton, Uncoated Polyester, Cotton-Polyester blends excluding Nylon


- Heat (Light) sensitive color changing vinyl
- Available in 20" width with 4 different color options, Yellow, Pink, Light Blue, and Violet
- This is a fun heat transfer vinyl that changes colors when exposed to warm temperatures


- Plotter cut the wanted design on hot melt layer side
- Weed the unwanted material
- Place the wanted design onto the fabric of choice
- Cover the design with a teflon sheet prior to heat press
- Press at medium pressure
- Remove the protective carrier at Hot Peel


- Wash warm water
- Inside out wash
- Tumble dry normal

Our information is intended for general guidance and we recommend actual tests be done before main jobs to find suitable setting for you.

*Actual colors may vary slightly based on your monitor settings
*While we strive for perfection, sheets may be +- 1/4 inch