Winter Wonderland Tier Tray

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Winter Themed tier tray kit. (unfinished wood only)

Contains the cut pieces for 4 different Snow /Winter/ Christmas themed projects plus a small garland, perfectly sized for tier trays.

Our tier tray kits are made from a laser cutter. We sell these unfinished in  MDF composite wood. Please see the unfinished image in the pictures for what you will receive. 

You get to finish them in a way that matches your personal decor. 

You can also purchase them, paint/decorate them and resell them on your shop should you choose that route. 

MDF paints beautifully. It is assumed that these will be used indoor, if for outdoor use, please take the precautions to ensure they can hold up to your weather.

Please note that in many cases the pieces can be interchanged. Please also note that all painted pictures are suggestions only. Props on trays are not included just the bare wood. 


Tier Tray Cut Out Kit

(Raw MDF)

Our tier tray kits are laser cut. The edges will have a dark charred look to them. You can choose to paint them or not.  This particular kit does not come with a protective transfer tape and will need to be painted to get rid of the charred edges. Whether an activity for kids, the family or yourself, these kits are a fantastic way to be creative and add some pop to your space.


Step 1: Remove the pieces from their packaging. Be careful on fragile words. Handle carefully and take care not to misplace small pieces. 

Step 2: Place all of your pieces together how you want to see them completed

Step 3: Paint as desired to match your theme. Let dry completely Please see below if you choose to use vinyl on your wood and would like the SVG for select pieces.

Step 4: Use the adhesive of your choice. We have used wood glue, Gorilla Glue contact cement, and E6000 successfully. A toothpick can help you get the glue on smaller areas.  

Let dry completely. 

Step 5: Decorate your tray!

Notes: Vinyl applies to our MDF cutouts much easier than Baltic Birch. HTV will apply to either beautifully.  If you want to use pattern or solid vinyl to get a certain look please consider purchasing the MDF version.  Both paint beautifully. The birch will have a wood grain while the MDF will be smooth.  Please note that HTV manufacturers do not list wood as an item for decorating with their products. We have been successful in our own personal projects but suggest running tests to make sure that the items you are choosing are compatible.  

You will need:

  • A Kit
  • Paints of choice
  • Paint brushes or foam wedges
  • A weeding tool
  • Glue
  • Ribbon or twine ( most kits)