Cold Activated Clear to Turquoise Color Changing Vinyl

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This thermochromatic temperature color changing permanent adhesive vinyl is sure to give your cup projects a wow factor!

It starts out as a Translucent milky color color then as the temperature changes it transforms to Turquoise color. It will turn back to the clear color as the cup or other object warms back up.

Note: Since this is a clear "ish" vinyl, The color of your background will change the color of your vinyl as it changes. For example Turquoise on Yellow, will take on more of a green hue.

This is a Platinum Craft Vinyl Exclusive and currently in its Beta testing stage.  (stage 2) Meaning there is still room for improvement and changes. Please give us your feedback. Reduced pricing reflects there may be some inconsistencies. 

Please note that  when in Temperatures below 66 degrees the  vinyl will begin to  change color. Full color change appears at about 56 degrees. 

This vinyl changes color with temperature. Specifically it will change as it gets cold then warms back up. 

Each sheet is 11.5" x 12"   +/- .25"