PAROPY-INKJET Heat transfer- for LIGHTS PRO 8.5x 11

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The Paropy Image Trans Heat Transfer Paper is well known as a premier brand in quality heat transfer paper (INKJET HTV). Excellent color vibrancy, soft hand feel, durability, fade resistance, peel resistance and crack resistance sets this transfer paper apart from others available in the market. Designed to transfer thin with virtually no visible background when imaged. Suitable for fabrics made of cotton, cotton blend, as well as synthetic fibers (polyester, nylon, etc.) including Lycra. 

Tips and Tricks for the Best Result:
• Transfer paper is intended for use cotton, cotton blend fabrics, polyester, nylon and Lycra
• Print with ink jet printer only
• Set printer quality to normal to photo image quality. Over saturating the ink will cause ink bleed during launder
• Do not wash the heat pressed item for 24 hours after application
• Do not dry clean
• Keep transfer paper in moisture resistant protective sleeve when not in use